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2019 IMA Karate Championship in Utah - 13th Annual
November 9, 2019 ~ Salt Lake City, UT

We had 23 competitors.
We took 42 medals total !
18 Gold    12 Silver    12 Bronze   


1) Emilio Lopez - 2nd kata, 3rd kumite
2) Asher Williams - 1st kata, 2nd kumite
3) Mady Niang - 1st kata, 1st kumite (in the 8 year-old novice division) 1st kumite (in the 9 year-old division)
4) Shirene Baher - 1st kata, 2nd kumite
5) Lucas Hernandez - participation
6) Rachel Ophilant - 3rd kata
7) Zahara Baher - 1st kata, 2nd kumite
8) Ali Baher - 2nd kata, 3rd kumite
9) Ayman - 3rd kata, 3rd kumite
10) Spencer Fayles - 2nd kumite
11) Cyuma Vincent - 1st kata, 1st kumite
12) Igor - 2nd kata, 3rd kumite
13) Sohum Krishna - 1st kata, 3rd kumite
14) Elyas Baher - 1st kumite, 2nd kumite
15) Carys Winter - 2nd kata, 2nd kumite
16) Aeddan Winter - 3rd kata, 1st kumite
17) Delicia Iteriteka - 1st kata, 1st kumite
18) Matvey Starkh - 3rd kumite
19) Diego Escobar - 1st kata, 1st kumite
20) David Bayingana - 3rd kata, 3rd kumite
21) Enzo M. - 2nd kata, 3rd kumite
22) Heather O. - 1st kata, 2nd kumite
23) Hiram H. - 1st kata, 1st kumite


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National and international karate tournaments include:

  • USA National Championship and Team Qualifiers, Reno, Nevada
  • USA Open Karate Championships, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • IMA Rocky Mountain Karate Championship, Louisville, Colorado
  • IMA North Fork Karate Championship, Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Colorado State Championship, Eagle, Colorado.
  • IMA Annual Championship in Utah, Northwest Recreation Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Intermountain Karate Championship, Park City, Utah

Local karate tournament locations include: Salt Lake City, Park City, UT West Valley City, UT, Cottonwood, UT, Sandy, UT,

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Dojo locations for karate lessons and competition classes include:

  • Redwood Recreation Center in West Valley City, Utah - Main Dojo
  • Central City Recreation Center in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Draper Recreation Center, Draper, UT
  • Northwest Community Center, Salt Lake City, Utah